Case Study

Early voice UI prototypes to improve Guest experience.

The Challenge

Disney approached IBM with a request for a comprehensive evaluation of the Guest experience with its automated voice system and call center. I was identified as a subject matter expert on UX and provided thought leadership throughout the project.

The Solution

Disney, a worldwide leader in Guest experience, had not yet incorporated the telephone channel as an extension of its brand. My role on the project was to evaluate the existing experience, create a vision of a new brand-consistent experience and then provide a compelling presentation to Disney executives.

My vision for the telephone experience was that it would be the initiation of the Disney experience before Guests ever arrived at one of the theme parks. To convey the experience, I rewrote speech technology-based dialogues and edited together audio files of a colleague taking the role of the Guest-caller with several iconic character voices as presented by professional voice talents. I also engaged the marketing team in the project, which was the first time brand professionals had been involved in working with telephony and call center staff.

The client response to the presentation was extremely positive and I ushered in a new era of the Disney brand experience.

Voice UI prototypes

Vision Clip Dine Full Automation

Vision Clip FAQ Page

Vision Clip Intender Dine

Vision Clip Reservation Confirmation


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