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I’m a social-cognitive psychologist who designs with words.

Words are magical and oh-so flexible. Words – linguistics and social interaction – have been the focus of a career that has found me as a teacher, writer, therapist, voice user interface designer, researcher, and professional coach. I’ve had what I affectionately refer to as an eclectic career. At first glance, my path seems unlikely at best, bizarre at worst, or just plain lucky. The clear throughline has been this: I’m endlessly fascinated by communication and how it conveys who we are to others.

It’s through our speech and language that we understand other people as well. So, I’ve spent a career gathering as much knowledge as I could about communication and social interaction, all the while honing my own through a broad variety of different jobs. I’m a case study in doing the improbable, following your inspiration and continually looking for growth opportunities.

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2019 – Present

Senior VP at Sweepr, UX Researcher/Writer & Coach
“I want to nurture the next generation.”

2014 – 2019

UX Freelancing & Coach
“Language for UI design, research and helping others!”

2002 – 2014

IBM UX Consultant
“I design machines that talk.”

1999 – 2002

Graduate School
“I’ll study linguistics, cognition and social interaction.”

1993 – 1999

Speech-Language Pathologist
“I help people communicate better.”

1988 – 1992

High School Teacher
“I love linguistics. I’ll teach teenagers to write.”

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